When Personality Tests Do You More Harm Than Good

Everyone knows their personality type, right? You take a test online, get your result along with a report describing your strengths and weaknesses and hey presto! you’re free to join all the relevant online forums where together with fellow members, you lament the challenges you share as the same personality type. Finally, you’ve found your tribe. Life is well and truly sorted.

Except it’s not that easy. The test is just the starting point. It’s the prompt for a deeper discussion to help you understand your unique preferences and tendencies, the…

It’s the middle of the night. You’re sound asleep when suddenly ‘CRASH! BANG!’

You wake up with a start. Your heart is racing, your blood pressure’s pounding, your ears are alert, and your eyes are looking for answers.

Your thoughts kick in, “What’s was that? Has someone broken in? Should I go downstairs and check?”

What we see here is the brain communicating with us in two ways: with feelings — heart beating, alert ears — and with words. The feelings come from the emotional brain and the words come from the rational one.

The emotional brain communicates faster than…

Confidence is in the eye of the beholder. It is as much to do with how others see you as to how confident you feel. This means that first impressions really do count. When people perceive you as self-assured, they respond to you accordingly. Bear in mind that people are not telepathic and can only deduce who you may be from what they see and hear. The secret, therefore, is to adopt as many habits that ‘signal’ confidence as possible. …

When was the last time you were properly on a mission? You know the kind: when you’re so motivated that nothing will stop you from reaching your goal, even though the path to achieve it is unclear, you continue to push on because the end goal has you wrapped around its little finger? When was the last time you felt like that? And do you remember what was driving you?

This was me a few years ago when I was working in Barcelona. One day I was going on the bus to my next appointment when boom! I spotted the…

‘Noooooooooo” I screeched at him when he told me what he had done. ‘Taking advantage of the hot oven’ he explained, knowing that this reasoning would normally placate me. Today, however, it didn’t.

’No, no, no!’ How could he not have known NOT to cook the second cottage pie that he had made. How could he NOT have known that I had intended to just freeze the uncooked pie so it could be pulled out one damp, dark day in the future when cottage pie — the one with beef, not the lamb — soothes the soul like nothing else…

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